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Oh! You’re here now? Perfect! Allow me to take you on a little trip about me and what I love!

Golf Influencer

Golf has become my life now, and I want to share these experiences with you! Come join me!

Travel Influencer

I love to see the world, and I want to tag you along. Let’s see the world together.

Digital Content Creator

Original, exciting and intuitive content all for you golf and travel lovers!

So, I’m a golf and travel influencer that started my journey into the golfing world more than five years ago on the media and marketing side of the Golf industry.

I’ve attended events around the USA, from the PGA Show in Orlando, PGA Tour Stops, fundraising for the Master Chef of the PGA Tour to feed our nuclear submariners during the holiday season, and LIV Golf’s 2022 season among other illustrious golfing events.

As my role in the golfing world changed through the years, I’ve never really received a “proper” golf lesson, until Women’s Golf Day 2022 at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Ever since taking my first women’s golf clinic on Women’s Golf Day, I’ve been hooked. Trying to take as many women’s golf clinics at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, I’ve continually practiced out on the driving range. As I improved my golf swing, I’ve been blessed with the chance to go play 9-holes at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa for a Women’s Golf Overnight trip.

Initially, my nerves were all over the place thinking I wouldn’t be able to improve, but I remembered what my good friend Mike Calbot “The Golf Doctor” said “Just remember to have fun and don’t overthink your golf swing”.

With all the experience and fun I’ve had, I now want to broaden my channel that focuses on the lifestyle of golf that includes fashion, health, and gear while following successful golfers in various leagues to influence a generation of new golfers.

Kira On-Camera!

Have a look at my amazing gallery of memories on the finest courses I’ve played on.

Liv Golf Orlando 2023

PGA Show 2023

PGA Show 2023

LIV Golf Championship 2022 Miami

LIV Golf Chicago 2022

Ryder Cup 2021

Some successful engagement that I’m proud to share with you!

As a popular golf influencer with an Instagram following that I’m proud of! I provide engaging content to an eager and loving audience of over 200,000 followers on the platform. This following has not only enabled me to secure lucrative brand partnerships with golf equipment and apparel companies, but it has also allowed me to serve as a role model and mentor for aspiring golfers.

I regularly share tips, techniques, and insights into the world of golf, inspiring and motivating my following to improve their game. My Instagram presence has been instrumental in promoting the sport of golf and creating a community of passionate and dedicated golf enthusiasts.

As I grow my other platforms, I want to grow them with you! So don’t forget to subscribe, like, share…. and enjoy!

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