Associate Professor Corrinne Sullivan

Associate Professor Corinne Sullivan

Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Indigenous Education), School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University. 

Corrinne is an Aboriginal scholar from the Wiradjuri Nation in Central-West New South Wales, she is a queer ciswoman. Her research interests are multi-disciplinary and focus broadly on experiences and effects of body and identity in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Her current work explores Indigenous sexuality and gender diversity through the perspectives of youth, older people, sex workers, and in digital spaces. 

The key objectives of Corrinne's research initiatives are to fill gaps in these areas of knowledge by; working with Indigenous people who are sexually and/or gender diverse, and with Indigenous community organisations to develop appropriate resources that can contribute toward building inclusive communities. The outcomes of her research inform law-making, policy, as well as access and delivery of support and services that are culturally appropriate.